Stopp building hotels!

Stopp building hotels!

Please stopp building /or allowing to build) more and more hotels and guesthouses in downtown Reykjavík. It is already too much, the good and nice image Reykjavík changed completely during only two years, now you find in downtown beside countless hotels also souvenir- and "book your tour here" shops, expensive restaurants and almost no "alternative" culture. Sad because Reykjavík gets more and more a boring city - many Icelanders, also tourists, think like this.


Já takk, löngu tímabært

Reykjavík is known for its "alternative culture",for being different. But by all the changes it lost more and more of its quality. Reykjavík Downtown should change its name to "Big Hotel Reykjavík". If the City of Reykjavík does not stopp it, the people of Reykjavík have to di it and say "NO". It's not only about money, its about people, living, art, culture and respect!

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