Boycott of Israel products

Boycott of Israel products

We have booked a trip with Lindblad National Geographic with 2 other people for next July. We are considering canceling this trip do to the recent vote in the City Council to boycott Israeli products. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and we cannot visit a country that is blind to the facts. Our intention was to spend a few days before the cruise in Reykjavik. Our plans will be changing. We will let all our friends know and encourage them to reconsider travel to Reykjavik.


See what this says about boycotting Israel:

There are so many Americans interested now in travel to Iceland. There is strong support for Israel in the US. This will encourage them to travel elsewhere.

Ísrael er Apartheid State. Ég er ekki einn í að hugsa það. Sjá hér hvernig Björk Vilhelmsdóttir hét nýr leiðtogi hins frjálsa heims. Stöðva það út hér: A fullt af okkur eru að koma í heimsókn til Íslands á næsta ári bara af því. Ekki hlusta á The Heartless og grimmur Ísraelar þykjast að þeir mundu koma til Íslands og hafa áhuga á að sniðganga þig. Það sem skiptir máli er ráðið gerði það sem var siðferðilega rétt. BRAVO !!!

If you are a supporter of Apartheid politics, then I suggest that you go only to Apartheid state tourist destinations and put your money where your mouth is. I support that people act upon it when thay see that human rights are being violated, and if you feel like your entitlements are being violated, then I strongly suggest that you act upon that and show the world what you are made off. In a show of support of your activism, I salute you Kushnir.

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